The Country Club District of Kansas City by LaDene Morton

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One of the grand experiments of American urban planning lies tucked within the heart of Kansas City. J.C. Nichols prized the Country Club District as his life's work, and the scope of his vision required fifty years of careful development. Begun in 1905 and extending over a swath of six thousand acres, the project attracted national attention to a city still forging its identity. While the district is home to many of Kansas City's most exclusive residential areas and commercial properties, its boundaries remain unmarked and its story largely unknown. Follow LaDene Morton along the well-appointed boulevards of this model community's rich legacy.

About the Author

LaDene Morton holds a master's degree in public administration from the University of Kansas. Her writing on the history of Kansas City allows her to combine her interests in community development and her love of storytelling. Her previous titles on Kansas City include The Brookside Story: Shops of Every Necessary Character and The Waldo Story: Home of Friendly Merchants. She is a former board member of Women Writing the West and a current board member of the Writers Place in Kansas City.

Product Specifications

Published by History Press, June, 2015. Paperback, 160 pages.