Early Kansas City Missouri

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Early Kansas City Missouri by Leigh Ann Little & John M. Olinskey

In 1821, François Chouteau set up a fur-trading outpost along the Missouri River, bringing the first settlement of Europeans to what would become Kansas City, named after the Kansa tribe of Native Americans who inhabited the area. At the center of a growing nation, the "City on the Bluff" would build and thrive as a river town, a gateway to the West, and a railroad hub, absorbing the influences of pioneers and immigrants traveling through or making it their home. Striving to become "A City Beautiful," its parks and boulevards drew attention from around the world. These are the beginnings of a town carved out of a hillside in the wilderness, transformed into an exciting metropolis that would eventually be called home by Walt Disney, Ernest Hemingway, Jesse James, and many others who left a lasting mark on history.

About the Authors

Leigh Ann Little is the author of Vintage Kansas City Stories and The Trial of Jesse James, Jr.  

John M. Olinskey is a decorated Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War and the author of Kansas City's Fairmount Park.   

Product Specifications

Published by Arcadia Publishing, 2013. Paperback, 128 pages.