Votes for Women Postcard by Gordon Grant


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As America celebrates the centennial of the 19th Amendment that gave women the vote, celebrate in your own way with this postcard reproduction of the historic pen and ink sketch by artist Gordon Grant. The sketch titled Which? or Life's Great Decision is stamped May 20, 1912 and was published in Puckon June 5, 1912, vol. 71, p.5. 

Which? visualizes the mixed emotions some women had over the issue of suffrage in 1912.  A female college graduate holds a diploma in her hand and stands between two people who embody her options for the future.  The man holding an engagement ring symbolizes a traditional life as a wife and mother, while the female suffragette represents a more modern life  of engagement in the public sphere. 

Which? appeared in Puck (1871-1918), America's first weekly humor magazine dedicated to political and social issues.

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