This Old World: A Novel of Utopian Dreams and Civil War

Blank Slate Press

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By Steve Wiegenstein

After the war, James Turner and the other men of Daybreak return home to find that war has changed their Utopian community forever.

Charlotte Turner, Marie Mercadier and the other women they left behind survived raiders and bushwackers, raised up children, and survived on little more than dogged determination. Now that the men are back—those who fought for the North and those who fought for the South—the community must somehow put the past behind them. But some carry scars too deep to heal, and others carry hate they have no intention of letting go. Steve Wiegenstein’s This Old World is the beautiful sequel to Slant Of Light and the second in his Daybreak series. The writing is elegant and beautiful and for lovers of both historical and literary fiction–not to mention those interested in American history and the Civil War era–the book is a must-read.

About the Author

Steve Wiegenstein attended college at the University of Missouri, worked as a newspaper reporter, and then returned to Mizzou where he received a Ph.D. in English and embarked upon an academic career. He has taught at Centenary College of Louisiana, Drury College (now “university”), Culver-Stockton College, and Western Kentucky University and is currently the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at Columbia College in Columbia, MO.

Product Specifications

Published by Black Slate Press, paperback, 2014. 199 pages.