Civil War in Missouri (paperback)


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Civil War in Missouri: Essays from the Missouri Historical Review, 1906-2006 (paperback)

Edited with an introduction by William E. Parrish, The Civil War in Missouri is an anthology of previously published Missouri Historical Review articles. Readers interested in the effect of the Civil War on Missouri and its people will enjoy this collection of essays. In an 1863 letter, President Abraham Lincoln noted, “I am having a good deal of trouble with Missouri matters.” While the president dealt with contentious politicians and fractious military leaders, Missourians nine hundred miles to the west struggled with military and guerrilla encounters and unsettling changes to everyday life during the American Civil War. Political, social, economic, and kinship ties had been tested, strained, and sometimes broken by the end of the four-year conflict. Discord and unrest followed in the war’s wake. Scholars examined many aspects of the Civil War in Missouri during the first hundred years of the Missouri Historical Review. Using sources as varied as official records, memoirs, newspapers, letters, and novels, authors explored the impact of the war on the state and its residents. William Parrish, noted Civil War historian and professor emeritus at Mississippi State University, has selected 12 of the more than 170 articles on the Civil War that have appeared in the Review for this anthology. The authors probe a variety of topics, including state government and politics, civilian relief efforts, military actions, prisons, the status of African Americans, and novelists’ treatment of the conflict. Dr. Parrish’s thoughtful introduction places the articles within the context of the evolving study of Civil War history. The war continues to engage the interest of scholars and readers almost 150 years after its beginning. Readers will enjoy tracing the conflict in Missouri through these essays. About the Editor William E. Parrish is professor emeritus of history at Mississippi State University. He has written several works about the Civil War in Missouri including Turbulent Partnership: Missouri and the Union, 1861-1865; Missouri Under Radical Rule, 1865-1870; A History of Missouri, 1860-1875; and Frank Blair: Lincoln’s Conservative. Product Specifications Published by the State Historical Society of Missouri, 2006. 260 pages. 83 illustrations. This is the first volume in the Century of Missouri History Scholarship Series.