The War for Missouri: 1861-1862 by Joseph W. McCoskrie

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The War for Missouri: 1861-1862 (Civil War Series) by Joseph W. McCoskrie

Missouri was filled with bitter sentiment over the Civil War. Governor Claiborne Jackson had a plan to seize the St. Louis Arsenal and arm a pro-secessionist force. Former governor and Mexican-American War hero Sterling Price commanded the Missouri State Guard charged to protect the state from Federal troops. The disagreements led to ten military actions, causing hundreds of casualties before First Bull Run in the East. The state guard garnered a series of victories before losing control to the Union in 1862. Guerrilla and bushwhacker bands roamed the state at will. Author Joseph W. McCoskrie Jr. details the fight for the Show Me State.

About the Author

Joseph W. McCoskrie Jr. is a Midwest native who graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and subsequently served in the U.S. Army for twenty-eight years, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. After more than twenty-five years as a Midwest banking executive, Whit was hired to become an instructor in leadership and American military history for the Army ROTC program at Illinois State University and the University of Missouri. Whit and his wife have two sons, Brian and Robert, and reside in Fulton, Missouri, where he currently spends some of his time as a volunteer tour guide at the National Churchill Museum.

Product Specifications

Published by The History Press, 2020. Paperback, 208 pages.