State Historical Society of Missouri, A Semicentennial History, 1898-1948


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Enjoy this 50-year record of the State Historical Society of Missouri, chronicled by Floyd C. Shoemaker, long-time colleague and friend of SHSMO. Shoemaker records the beginning of the Society at an 1898 Missouri Press Association meeting to the Semicentennial year.

The State Historical Society of Missouri was established at a January 1898 Missouri Press Association meeting. Edwin W. Stephens, Walter Williams, and Isidor Loeb backed the motion, and with support from both the State and the University of Missouri, SHSMO was founded and given space in Jesse Hall on the University of Missouri campus. The Society began a newspaper collection, and soon expanded to all types of historical materials. In 1915, the Society moved to Ellis Library, and Floyd Shoemaker joined the staff – and would remain for 45 years.

Shoemaker takes the reader on a journey to discover the history of the Society, hitting highlights of the Society’s foundations, including the beginning of the Missouri Historical Review, the first Presidents of the Society, Missouri State appropriations, the move to Jesse Hall, and numerous other activities The State Historical Society of Missouri carried out through its first fifty years. Readers interested in the beginnings of the State Historical Society will enjoy this engaging tale of its inception and initial years.

About the Author

In his forty-five year career with the Society, Floyd Shoemaker served as secretary, librarian, and executive director. Under Shoemaker’s direction, the Society expanded membership, assisted New Deal programs, began the historical marker program, and published many books and articles.

Product Specifications

Published by the State Historical Society of Missouri, 1948. 193 pages.