Marking Missouri History


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In a celebration of the State Historical Society of Missouri’s centennial, Marking Missouri History records each of the 121 roadside markers across Missouri. Readers interested in taking a trip across Missouri to visit historical sites will enjoy this compilation.

In 1951, the State Historical Society of Missouri began a ten-year program to place historical markers in highway turnouts and roadside parks throughout the state. To complete the project, 121 two-sided markers were prepared. Each county and city of St. Louis received at least one marker. As part of the Society’s centennial celebration (1898-1998), this publication reprints, for the first time, all the marker texts in a single volume.

The markers have been grouped into the ten vacation regions delineated by the Missouri Division of Tourism. Because of the construction of interstate highways, the rebuilding of state and county roads, and changes in traveling conditions, many of the markers have been moved from their original locations. A map designating the present locations of the markers precedes each regional grouping, and the counties are arranged in alphabetical order within each region.

The marker inscriptions appear verbatim on left-hand pages. On the right-hand pages, essays elaborate on specific sites or events described in the markers or mention achievements or people who have gained prominence since the original maker installations. It is the hope of the Society that these essays and accompanying illustrations will add to the book’s interest.

The State Historical Society published this book to reacquaint readers with these markers, their location, and the rich local heritage that they commemorate.

About the Editors

James W. Goodrich served as the State Historical Society’s executive director from 1985 to 2004. He received a B.S. from Central Methodist University and a M.A and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Goodrich authored and co-authored many contributions for journals, including the Missouri Historical Review.

Lynn Wolf Gentzler received a B.S. and M.A. from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Gentzler held numerous positions with the Western Historical Manuscript Collection and the State Historical Society in more than 40 years, including assistant director of the Columbia Research Center and associate editor of the Missouri Historical Review.

Product Specifications

Published by the State Historical Society of Missouri, 1998. 300 pages.