North Webster : A Photographic History of a Black Community by Ann Morris, Henrietta Ambrose & John Nagel


More than 140 period photographs illustrate this history of a remarkable, successful black community near St. Louis. The roots of North Webster Grove, a black middle-class suburb, begin at the end of the Civil War. Despite suffering the discrimination of a southern border state, its residents accomplished great things as a community.

North Webster is a black middle-class suburb west of St. Louis which began at the end of the Civil War. Its residents have suffered the discrimination of a southern border state, and yet they accomplished great things. The North Webster community emphasized education as the path for achievement from the beginning. Its elementary school and high school were among the finest schools for blacks in the country. With its outstanding school, seven churches, and many black-owned businesses, North Webster taught its children to aspire and excel. This book is a history together with 141 black and white photographs of the community and the people who gave it its character.

About the Authors

Ann Morris graduated from Webster Groves High School and attended college at Washington University and St. Louis University. 

Henrietta Ambrose grew up in North Webster, served as President of the Webster Groves Historical Society, and is the first black person elected to the Webster Groves City Council.

John Nagel is Associate Professor of Photography at St. Louis Community College at Meramec.

Product Specifications

Published by Indiana University Press, paperback, 1993. 208 pages.