Missouri Outlaws: Bandits, Rebels & Rogues (paperback)

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Missouri Outlaws: Bandits, Rebels & Rogues by Paul Kirkman (paperback)

Whether seen as a common criminal or Robin Hood with a six-shooter, the Missouri outlaws left an indelible mark on American culture. In the nineteenth century, Missouri was known as the “Outlaw State” and offered a list of lawbreakers like Jesse James, Bloody Bill Anderson, Belle Starr and Cole Younger. These notorious criminals became folk legends in countless books, movies and television shows. Author Paul Kirkman traces the succession of Missouri's first few generations and how each contributed to the making of some of the most notorious outlaws and lawmen in American history.

About the Author

Paul Kirkman is the author of The Battle of Westport: Missouri's Great Confederate Raid (The History Press, 2011), Forgotten Tales of Kansas City (The History Press, 2012) and coauthor of Lockdown: Outlaws, Lawmen, and Frontier Justice in Jackson County, Missouri (with David Jackson, Jackson County Historical Society, 2012). Paul has a BA in history from Columbia College and is a speaker with "Show Me Missouri: Conversations about Missouri's Past, Present and Future," a speakers' bureau program jointly organized and managed by the Missouri Humanities Council and the State Historical Society of Missouri. He lives in Independence, Missouri, with his wife, Shawn, and his daughter Shannon. 

Product Specifications

Published by History Press Library Editions, 2018. Paperback, 127 pages.