Living Off Grandma's Sayings by Yvonne Starks Wilson

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In Living Off Grandma's Sayings: From Leeds to the Legislature, retired Missouri State Senator Yvonne Wilson recounts her experience growing up in the segregated community of Leeds in Kansas City, Missouri, with her Grandma and describes the impact of this experience on her life as an educator, state legislator, and public servant. Lessons learned from her Grandma formed the bedrock of Senator Wilson's career in the Kansas City, Missouri, School District during the turbulent years of desegregation, her time in the Missouri House of Representatives and Missouri State Senate, her service in the Kansas City community, and her role as wife, mother, and grandmother. Throughout the book, Senator Wilson reflects on the continued value of her Grandma's sayings.

About the Author

Retired Missouri State Senator Yvonne S. Wilson is a long-time educator and public servant residing in Kansas City, Missouri. Born in the small segregated community of Leeds, Senator Wilson grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She served as teacher, principal, and Director of Elementary Education in the Kansas City, Missouri, School District for thirty-five years before being elected to the Missouri General Assembly, where she worked for the citizens of Kansas City and the State of Missouri for eleven years as Representative and Senator. She currently serves as president of the Spirit of Freedom Fountain Foundation, Inc. and Swope Community Builders. Shaped by her own grandmother, Senator Wilson is a grandmother of six, one deceased.  

Product Specifications

Published by Xilbris US, 2019. Paperback, 230 pages.