Katy Trail: A Guided Tour through History

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Katy Trail: A Guided Tour through History by Kathy Schrenk

The Katy Trail is a monument to the pioneer spirit and US westward expansion, and a testament to Missourians’ love for their parks and outdoor spaces. Katy Trail: A Guided Tour through History is the guide every trail user needs to explore the trail and appreciate the epic role the corridor plays in the history of the state and the nation.

Much of the Katy Trail parallels the Missouri River, placing trail users squarely in the footsteps of Daniel Boone’s late-in-life frontier explorations and the first stretch of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The first rails of the MKT—or Missouri-Kansas-Texas—Railroad were laid in the 1860s, but more than a century later, when the MKT owners were set to retire the rail line, cyclists and preservationists conceived the country’s longest Rails to Trails project, now stretching 237 miles.

Get insider tips on each section such as Defiance to Machens (34 miles), including detailed directions, tips for where to dine, and notable sights along the way. You’ll even learn how much shade the trail provides so you’ll know how much sunscreen to pack. Or plan your day based on a themed itinerary like a Family Outing or Historic Foray.

Local author and avid hiker and cyclist Kathy Schrenk is your personal trail guide on these paths she’s traversed many times over. Ride the Katy with her guide in your back pocket to show you the way to enjoy centuries of history along miles of scenic river country.

About the Author

Kathy Schrenk started riding the rail trails of the Midwest with her aunt and uncle as soon as she was old enough to pedal. She began writing shortly thereafter and has worked as a newspaper reporter and magazine writer for 25 years. While living in California for more than a decade she became an experienced cyclist and outdoorswoman. In 2013 she returned to the Midwest, determined to find the best outdoor experiences the region had to offer. She started and leads a social media hiking group for families that has more than 2000 members. Her book Best Hikes with Kids: St. Louis and Beyond was released in 2018.

Product Specifications

Published by Reedy Press, 2020. Paperback, 48 pages.