The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook

Pebble Publishing

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The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook, Newest Edition by Brett Dufur

This guidebook is the perfect companion to help you explore the many distinctive towns along Missouri's 237-mile Katy Trail. The Katy Trail follows the meandering Missouri River and passes through the world's breadbasket of agriculture. Enjoy the scenery and solitude of the Lewis and Clark Trail and Missouri's legendary wine country.

Whether you're hiking, biking or touring by car, this guidebook is the definitive resource to take you there. Often called 'the trail bible,' it includes maps, mileage charts, handy service information for each town, photographs and features of some one-of-a-kind individuals you'll meet along the way. Longer stories are included for rain-day armchair odysseys. If you've ever wondered which goddess adorns the Capitol or pondered the many uses for Missouri mud, this book is for you.

Product Specifications

Published by Pebble Publishing, 2022. Paperback, 192 pages.