Images of America Irish St. Louis by David A. Lossos

Arcadia Publishing

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It's quite unlikely that Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau could have comprehended the scope of their undertaking in 1764 when they laid out the settlement on the western banks of the Mississippi that was to become the metropolis of St. Louis. Founded by the French, governed by the Spanish, and heavily populated by the English and Germans, the role that the Irish had in making St. Louis what it is today is often overlooked. The Irish are steeped in tradition, and that trait did not leave the Irish immigrants when they arrived in St. Louis and called this place home. Like many other cities in America, the heritage of Ireland is alive and well in St. Louis. This book visually captures their Irish spirit, and portrays a few of the Irish "movers and shakers" alongside the "Irish commoner" in their new and challenging lives here in St. Louis.

About the Author

Dave Lossos is a webmaster of many genealogy and local history websites, including Genealogy in St. Louis. A retired engineer and St. Louis native, he has published reference titles on early St. Louis places of worship and 19th century city directories.

Product Specifications

Published by Arcadia Publishing, 2004. Paperback, 128 pages.