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Images of America : Columbia by Valerie Battle Kienzle

Columbia has distinguished itself as a leader in educational excellence since its 1826 incorporation. Early residents so valued education that three institutions of higher learning were established there by the mid-19th century: Stephens College, Columbia College (formerly Christian College), and the University of Missouri. Located in the state’s center, this Midwestern city with a small-town feel has witnessed a nonstop influx of people since its first years. The Boone’s Lick Trail passed through Columbia, connecting the early National Road with the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails. The flow of settlers migrating west led to Columbia’s rapid growth, as stores and businesses were established to provide needed supplies. Numerous battles were fought in Missouri during the Civil War, but none in or near Columbia. The group that protected Columbia against possible encroachers was called the Columbia Tigers Company. The Tigers was the name later adopted by the university’s athletic teams.

About the Author

Valerie Battle Kienzle provides the story behind The State Historical Society of Missouri’s images for this book about “College Town, USA,” focusing on the people, places, and things that make Columbia what it is today.

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Published by Arcadia Publishing, paperback, 2014. 128 pages.