'...And people thought the Berlin Wall was tough!'

Tom Engelhardt

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'...And people thought the Berlin Wall was tough!'  Original Cartoon Negative by Tom Engelhardt

'...And people thought the Berlin Wall was tough!'

This is the original framed negative by political cartoonist Tom Engelhardt featuring the cartoon printed in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on November 3, 1997.  In the cartoon, St. Louis is separated by giant wall from surrounding towns.  This is a one of a kind item and the proceeds help benefit The State Historical Society of Missouri's Engelhardt Cartoon Collection.

About the Artist

Tom Engelhardt was a political cartoonist for The St. Louis Post Dispatch for 35 years and retired in 1997. Engelhardt’s cartoons cover every political topic from the civil rights movement, the environment, busing, the Vietnam War, health care, education, poverty, crime and the criminal justice system, international relations, censorship, workers’ rights, elected officials, Watergate, big business, and the role of government.

Product Specifications

:: Frame Size : 8" x 10" 

:: Negative Size : 6" x 6.25"

:: Print comes with a signed note from the artist