The Golden Lane by Margot McMillen

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The Golden Lane: How Missouri Women Gained the Vote and Changed History by Margot Ford McMillen

The Golden Lane chronicles the fight Missouri women fought for the right to vote. McMillen details the culture surrounding the suffrage fight, including women’s clubs, parades, the media, and famous Missouri suffragettes, such as Emily Newell Blair and Virginia Louisa Minor. This book will appeal to readers interested in Missouri women’s studies and the Suffrage Movement.

It was June 14, 1916, a warm, sticky Wednesday morning. The Democratic Convention would soon meet in St. Louis. Inside the Jefferson Hotel, the men ate breakfast and met with their committees. Outside the hotel, thousands of women quietly took their places along both sides of Locust Street. They stood shoulder to shoulder, each one in a dress that brushed the pavement, shading herself with a yellow parasol and wearing a yellow sash that said "Votes for Women." The all-male delegations may not have had a comfortable walk down the Golden Lane, but they were moved to add women's suffrage to the national platform. Join Margot McMillen for an accessible history of a privilege too often taken for granted.

About the Author

Margot Ford McMillen has written six books and numerous articles about Missouri issues, heritage, women, conservation and history. Besides writing and teaching, she is a farmer and raises food for Missouri restaurants and stores.

Product Specifications

Published by The History Press, paperback, 2011. 128 pages. 26 illustrations.