The Awakening and Other Stories by Kate Chopin

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Hitched to a businessman with two kids, Edna Pontellier always knew the score and her stitch in life. But then she and her family go on vacation, where she meets a younger dude and starts vibing with him--and soon nothing's clear anymore about who she is or what she's thirstin' for. Things get too real, and before Edna realizes it she decides that she's DONE. She's too beast to fall in line with what society tells her she has to act like in marriage and domesticity."

This collection also contains Kate Chopin's other stories, including 'Beyond the Bayou, ' 'Ma'ame Pelagie, ' 'Desiree's Baby, ' 'A Respectable Woman, ' 'The Kiss, ' 'A Pair of Silk Stocks, ' 'The Locket, ' and 'A Reflection.

About the Author

Kate Chopin (1850-1904) is an American writer born in St. Louis, MO who is known for her stories about bold women forging paths contrary to social expectation. She published almost 100 short stories as well as the novel The Awakening, which was widely condemned upon publication but is today regarded to be one of her greatest achievements.

Product Specifications

Published by Graphic Arts Books, October 2018. Paperback, 194 pages.