That's The Way it Was

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That's The Way it Was : Stories of Struggle, Survival and Self-Respect in 20th Century Black St. Louis by Vida Goldman Prince

Segregation was a way of life in St. Louis, aptly called "the most southern city in the North." These thirteen oral histories describe the daily struggle that pervasive racism demanded but also share the tradition of self-respect that the African American community of St. Louis sought to build on its own terms.

About the Author

Vida "Sister" Goldman Prince has been researching, conducting and recording oral history interviews for the past 30 years. As chairman of the Oral History Project at the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center in St. Louis, Prince interviews survivors, liberators, witnesses, and rescuers, including people of other faiths.

Product Specifications

Published by The History Press, 2013.  Paperback, 224 pages.