Show Me Natural Wonders by Don Corrigan

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Show Me Natural Wonders: A Guide to Scenic Treasures in the Missouri Region by Don Corrigan

Show Me . . . Natural Wonders: A Guide to Scenic Treasures in the Missouri Region journeys to special places in the state’s own backyard. Guided by the soothing, descriptive prose of Don Corrigan and the detailed pencil drawings of artist E. J. Thias, the book climbs bluffs, fords streams, explores caves, and meanders through wondrous scenes of the region s glorious natural environment. Show Me . . . Natural Wonders features more than 90 sites, each depicted in Corrigan’s ruminations and Thias’s sketches. From the Weston Bluffs overlooking the Missouri River to the cascading waters of Joplin’s Grand Falls, vignettes immerse readers in places that distinguish and define Missouri’s natural environment.
As guides, Corrigan and Thias take Missouri travel and exploration aided in the book by narrative maps to uncharted depth. “I have had the great fortune to visit wilderness areas of all seven continents,” commented Charlie Hoessle, Director Emeritus of the world-renowned Saint Louis Zoo. “These adventures have only increased my appreciation for the many wonderful array of treasures we have right here in the Saint Louis area: Great rivers, clear Ozark streams, springs, caves, swamps, and majestic limestone bluffs which offer scenic vistas. Hikers and bikers, cavers and climbers, New Agers and environmentalists, local and regional historians, poets and prophets will all find something to take away from Show Me . . . Natural Wonders.”

About the Author

Don Corrigan is a longtime journalism educator at Webster University, a well-known weekly newspaper editor, and the author of noted outdoor and environmental books. His work as director of the Outdoor/Environmental Journalism Certificate at Webster University has garnered recognition from the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) and a distinguished achievement award from the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center.

Product Specifications

Published by Reedy Press, 2007. Paperback, 232 pages.