See the Ozarks by Leland & Crystal Payton

Lens & Pen Press

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See the Ozarks: The Touristic Image by Leland & Crystal Payton

What lured Victorian travelers to the Ozarks? Is the appeal of this fabled region the same today as it was in horse and buggy days?

About the Authors

Leland and Crystal Payton, authors of 10 published books on popular culture, antiques, and the Ozarks, have searched for the essential image of this great touristic magnet in yesterday’s promotions, postcards, photographs, maps, and souvenirs. Most of the rare ephemera shown here has never before been reproduced in book form. More than 300 photographs of rare memorabilia, nostalgic family snapshots, travel brochures and souvenirs evoke the color and character of vacations past in this handsome new book. See The Ozarks: The Touristic Image is the first book to capture the Ozarks' distinctive vacation culture. The lively tale of how each attraction developed provides priceless insights for today's savvy traveler. About the Authors Leland and Crystal Payton have collaborated on a dozen books on regional history and popular culture. They created Lens & Pen Press to produce titles that large publishers might consider too specialized for a national audience. Before that, the Paytons had been published by Abbeville Press in New York; Chronicle Books, San Francisco; and St. Martin’s Press, New York. An early entry into ‘niche publishing,’ the Paytons found their niche in the sometimes stereotyped but always intriguing region of the Ozarks. They live in Springfield, Missouri.

Product Specifications

Published by Lens & Pen Press, 2003. Hardcover, 100 pages.