Savor Missouri by Nina Furstenau

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Savor Missouri : River Hill Country Food & Wine by Nina Furstenau

Don’t miss out on the fun of eating and sipping local in Missouri! Savor Missouri: River Hill Country Food and Wine is a food and travel temptation that will lure you to the back roads to explore Missouri’s rich land and culinary diversity.

Join author Nina Furstenau as she travels Missouri hills to find regional flavor, local folks in homegrown businesses, welcoming wineries, tasteful plates in restaurants, and warm goodies in bakeries. She’ll take you to peach farms, apple orchards, grass-fed beef producers and goat cheese makers– with great recipes using local foods from local folks.

Celebrate the tastes of Missouri with Savor Missouri!

Nina Furstenau has taken to the hills to explore verdant rolling land, winding rivers, good people, and good food.Savor Missouri is a food and travel temptation-- come along for the ride to the river hills for tasty food finds, beautiful vistas, and historic, quaint communities. Our great rivers the Missouri, the Mississippi, and the Meramec are agri-tourism magnets with visitors coming to follow wine trails, pick peaches, buy fresh honey, smoked meats, and more. Savor Missouri helps you experience Missouri in world-class and down-home eateries, find specialty farms, cheese makers, breweries and relaxing wineries. More than a travel guide, Savor Missouri is packed with fifty-plus recipes gathered along the way from restaurant chefs, farmers, winemakers and more. Don't miss the fun of eating and sipping local in Missouri!
Tasty food finds
Beautiful vistas
Historic communities
It's time to discover, or rediscover, Missouri's river hills for yourself.

Find scenic beauty, culinary diversity, and delectable surprises in Savor Missouri: River Hill Country Food and Wine.

Join author Nina Furstenau as she travels the back roads of Missouri's river hill country in search of homegrown regional foods, wines, and more. Following the Mississippi, Missouri and Meramec rivers (with some tributaries in-between), she stops at wonderful roadside restaurants, wineries, orchards, bakeries, and farms, discovering the tasteful array of quality Missouri flavors, beverages, and cuisine.

Complete with contact information and delightful recipes, Savor Missouri encourages readers to get out and explore the many sights (and tastes) that can be found throughout the river hill country.

About the Author

Nina Furstenau teaches food and wine writing in the University of Missouri Science and Agricultural Journalism program. She has written a culinary memoir, Biting Through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America s Heartland</> (University of Iowa Press, 2013), as well as numerous food, travel, and culture articles for Missouri Life and other publications. Through life-long travels, she developed a passion for great flavors and fresh ingredients and for the ways cultures entwine over food. Now, turning to Missouri, she uncovers stories and food unique to our rivers and hills. She lives on a farm near Fayette with her husband Terry, numerous dogs, and cattle grazing the hillsides.

Product Specifications

Published by Acclaim Press, Illustrated edition (April 10, 2013)176 pages.