Route 66 In Missouri by Joe Sonderman

Arcadia Publishing

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Route 66 is the "Main Street of America," heralded in song and popular culture. It took a maze of different routes through St. Louis before slashing diagonally across the "Show-Me State" through the beauty of the Ozarks. In between, there are classic motels, diners, tourist traps, and gas stations bathed in flashing and whirling neon lights. Natural wonders include crystal-clear streams, majestic bluffs, and wondrous caverns. Roadside marketers concocted legends about Jesse James, painted advertisements on barns, lived with deadly snakes, or offered curios such as pottery and handwoven baskets. That spirit is alive today at the Wagon Wheel and the Munger-Moss, the Mule, Meramec Caverns, and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, just to name a few. Their stories are included here. 

About the Author

Joe Sonderman is a St. Louis-area radio personality and traffic reporter who has written more than a dozen works on Route 66. He has collected thousands of postcard and archival images that capture a simpler time, when people were not in such a hurry. None of the images included in this volume have appeared in his other Arcadia Publishing books. When Sonderman is not busy reporting traffic, he spends much of his time on Route 66 behind the wheel of his treasured 1957 Chevrolet.

Product Specifications

Published by Arcadia Publishing, 2019.  Paperback, 128 pages.