Rolfe the Fluffy Reindeer

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Rolfe the Fluffy Reindeer by Heather N. Johnson, Abby Gorsage

Meet Rolfe the Fluffy Reindeer!

Rolfe was a fluffity, cottony, poof
with huge, fuzzy hair circling round every hoof.
A hefty, full- figured, and plump little guy,
With the chubbiest cheeks and the sweetest big eyes.

Surprisingly, not everyone finds Rolfe’s unique figure to be adorable. In fact, some of the other reindeer are downright mean. So Rolfe decides to make some big changes!

I can fix this! He thought. And then they will see.
I can change all the ugly things they see in me.
I’ll look better if I look just like they do.
If I’m typical, surely I’ll feel better too!

But if our fuzzy friend forgoes his fluff, will he truly be happy? What if, just maybe, he was created perfectly for a very important job?

About the Author

Heather Johnson is an art teacher and lives with her family in Columbia, MO.

Product Specifications

Published by Seed & Soil Publishing, 2023.  Paperback, 38 pages.