Midwest Pie: Recipes That Shaped a Region by Meredith Pangrace

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Midwest Pie: Recipes That Shaped a Region by Meredith Pangrace

A historical tour of midwestern pies that recalls when recipes were shared through faded note cards and junior league cookbooks.

New England may say it’s the “Great American Pie Belt,” but pie has a rich and varied history in the American Midwest too. Stop by any church or community event in the heartland today and you’re likely to see as many types of pie on the dessert table as there are people who made them.

Midwest Pie highlights the treats, both sweet and savory, that have come to define this region. Here, you’ll learn about bean pie’s origins in the Nation of Islam, the popularity of “desperation pies” during the Depression, how Michigan miners ate lunch “pasties," and much more. Full of accessible instructions and helpful sidebars, you’ll learn the stories behind a variety of pies, including:

  • Hoosier Pie
  • Schnitz Pie
  • Ohio Buckeye Pie
  • Sawdust Pie
  • Runza

Midwest Pie is the perfect collection for any home chef looking to learn more about the diversity and deliciousness of one of the region’s most enduring culinary contributions.  

About the Author

Meredith Pangrace is a designer and food enthusiast from Cleveland, Ohio. She is the editor of Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen and has designed books for Belt Publishing since 2013.

Product Specifications

Published by Belt Publishing, 2023. Paperback, 141 pages.