Lavender Bud Sachet Aromatherapy Drawer Bag Car Freshener

Battlefield Lavender

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About this product

A delicate 2" x 2.7" organza bag with a satin ribbon drawstring is filled with gorgeous dried lavender buds from the english variety called "folgate. Folgate is classified as a light blue variety. It dries into a beautiful periwinkle and has a gentle, sweet fragrance. Squeeze the bag gently to release the oil scent for months or even years.

Lavender bud sachets are an elegant way to freshen a drawer or purse, and they are also wonderful to keep near you on a bedside table or work desk to breathe in the relaxing lavender fragrance whenever you need it.

Lavender sachets make lovely wedding or baby shower favors! This lavender is never treated with any herbicides or pesticides, not even "organic" ones. The lavender is naturally pest resistant, and is hand weeded and hand harvested.

Made by Battlefield Lavender, Centralia, Missouri.