Inspired by Bingham: Original Music (CD)

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Inspired by Bingham: Original Music Responding to American Art (CD)

The Mengel Brothers achieve a sound that is both subtle, playful, vigorous, sublime and percussive. They make the most of the chosen instruments and take obvious delight and pleasure in performing together music of their own creation.

Dana Mengel (violinist and composer) and brother Les Mengel (cello) live in the Midwest where they have studied, taught and performed music regularly. They are particularly inspired by the Midwest landscape and also painters of an early period including well-known artist George Caleb Bingham and Thomas Hart Benton. This artistic-inspired composition recall those of Modest Mussorgsky whose well-known composition Pictures from an Exhibition were a remembrance of his friend and painter Viktor Hartmann. Some of their original compositions from Inspired by Bingham have been produced a music video that marry the music to some of Bingham's best known paintings including Order No. 11, Watching the Cargo and Emigration of Daniel Boone and can be found on YouTube and Vimeo.

Product Specifications

Ten Mengel Brothers songs inspired by select George Caleb Bingham works

Audio compact disc (CD)