Gangs of St. Louis: Men of Respect (softback)

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Gangs of St. Louis: Men of Respect by Daniel Waug (softback)

St. Louis was a city under siege during Prohibition. Seven different criminal gangs violently vied for control of the towns illegal enterprises. Although their names (the Green Ones, the Pillow Gang, the Russo Gang, Egan’s Rats, the Hogan Gang, the Cuckoo Gang and the Shelton Gang) are familiar to many, their exploits have remained largely undocumented until now. Learn how an awkward gunshot wound gave the Pillow Gang its name and why Willie Russo’s bizarre midnight interview with a reporter from the St. Louis Star involved an automatic pistol and a floating hunk of cheese. From daring bank robberies to cold-blooded betrayals, Gangs of St. Louis chronicles a fierce yet juicy slice of the Gateway City’s history that rivaled anything seen in New York or Chicago.  

About the Author

Daniel Waugh is a Detroit-based freelance author specializing in true crime books that take place in the early 20th century. He is also the author of Egan's Rats. His newest work is Vìnnitta: The Birth of the Detroit Mafia.

Product Specifications 

Published by History Press Library Editions, 2010. Softback, 288 pages.