Backroads & Byways of Missouri by Archie Satterfield

Countryman Press

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Backroads & Byways of Missouri: Drives, Day Trips & Weekend Excursions by Archie Satterfield

With natives as your guides, this new series steers you down the most scenic and historic byways in the areas they cover, with plenty of intriguing points of interest and places to eat, stay, and shop along the way.

This book is for those who didn't know that grape vines in Missouri changed the wine industry in France, or that the worst earthquake in American history also occurred in the same state, or that more Civil War battles were fought on Missouri soil than any other border state. If you prefer two-lane blacktop and gravel roads over interstates, this is the book for you. 30 black-and-white photos 

About the Author

Archie Satterfield has written several books on travel, among them Backroads & Byways of Missouri, Backroads & Byways of Washington, The Seattle Guidebook and Portrait of Seattle. He has also contributed articles to many newspapers and travel magazines. Satterfield lives in Everson, WA. 

Product Specifications

Published by Countryman Press, 2008.  Paperback, 167 pages.