A Bird's Eye View of Columbia, MO - Circa 1869

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A Bird's Eye View of Columbia, MO - Circa 1869 by David JamesTake a trip back to 1869 and see what Columbia, MO looked like 150 years ago! It is possible for us to step back in time and see the Columbia of 1869, thanks to an itinerant artist names Albert Ruger who visited Columbia and sketched a truly remarkable bird's-eye panorama of the city. A totally different collection buildings dominated Columbia's skyline 150 years ago, compared to what we see today. Many of today's structures are over 100 years old, but only a handful were here in 1869. This book examines in detail Ruger's work of art and compares his drawing to existing illustrations of many of the buildings he drew. What did the University of Missouri look like in 1869? How about Columbia College and Stephens College? And all of the downtown area had been carefully analyzed and ready for your perusal. Enjoy your trip back in time to 1869!

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Published by Show Me Cards, 2020. Paperback, 53 pages.