200 Memorable Musical Moments

Budds American Music Endowment

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200 Memorable Musical Moments:  Commentary, Historical Photographs and Video Clips by Michael J. Budds & Elisabeth Roberts

A decadent rock festival; a suffragist all-female marching band; the birthplace of Eminem; a concert destination for Louis Armstrong - these are but a few of the highlights included in the rich musical history of the state of Missouri.  Whether you are a native Missourian, a recently-established resident, or a passing tourist, this richly illustrated musical timeline will provide you with a deeper understanding of the harmonious heritage shared by Missourians past and present. Tw hundred unique musical events, people and venues have been compiled to honor the area's bicentennial of statehood, complete with additional resources for you to investigate and experience further each piece of history. 

About the Authors

Michael J. Budds was an American musicologist, and longtime professor, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. In addition to teaching, he wrote and edited a number of works, including a widely used textbook on American popular music. Also a philanthropist, he established the Budds Center for American Music Studies at the University of Missouri School of Music where he taught. He was the first musicologist inducted into the Missouri Music Hall of Fame. Budds taught at Missouri for 37 years, until his death on November 19, 2020

As a musicologist, Elisabeth Roberts likes to combine her passion for music cognition with her studies in music history. Her historical research and guest lecture style is shaped by social and cognitive considerations. Her projects in music research are focused on the interdisciplinary field of music and cognitive research, gravitating towards the psychology of the compositional process as well as priming factors in listeners' musical preferences. 

Product Specifications

Published by Budds American Music Endowment, 2021.  Paperback, 424 pages.