100 Things to Do in Columbia, Missouri, Before You Die

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100 Things to Do in Columbia, Missouri, Before You Die by Stephen Paul Sayers

Midway between St. Louis and Kansas City lies Columbia, a thriving destination for education, culture, history, and natural beauty with a small-town vibe. In 100 Things to Do in Columbia, Missouri, Before You Die, readers will discover the city’s hidden treasures and—why it draws so many visitors and why so many decide to make it their home.

Take in the breathtaking views from the soaring, rocky bluffs of its state parks and conservation areas. Celebrate the city’s thriving art community on First Fridays in the North Village Arts District. Enjoy national and international cultural events such as the Roots ’N Blues music festival and the True/False Film Fest. Cheer for the Mizzou Tigers beside some of the most rabid SEC football and basketball fans in the country. And don’t even think of visiting unless you’re ready to sample the best homemade, hand-tossed pies in the midwest, found only at the iconic Shakespeare’s Pizza.

Local author and long-time Columbia resident, Stephen Paul Sayers, takes you on an insider’s tour of the city he calls home. With seasonal and themed itineraries for music, art, and history lovers, shoppers, and outdoor enthusiasts, 100 Things to Do in Columbia, Missouri, Before You Die serves up a daily adventure on every page.

About the Author

Stephen Paul Sayers is a professor at the University of Missouri and twenty-year resident of Columbia, MO. While this homage to his home city is his first foray into travel journalism, he has published three best-selling horror/supernatural thriller novels and over 50 peer-reviewed scientific research articles.

Product Specifications

Published by Reedy Press, 2022. Paperback, 160 pages.