Wheel Boats on the Missouri by Richard E. Jensen

Montana Historical Society Press

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In 1824 Brig. Gen. Henry Atkinson and Indian Agent Benjamin O'Fallon traveled up the Missouri River, along with 475 soldiers of the First and Sixth Infantry regiments. Their mission: to negotiate peace treaties with tribes along the Missouri River, and to secure their promise to trade exclusively with American citizens. It was hoped this combination of military power and proffered friendship would put an end to Indian attacks on American fur trappers and traders.

The full record of this early military expedition is now available. The diaries of General Atkinson and Maj. Stephen Watts Kearny describe the trip from St. Louis to Fort Atkinson in the fall of 1824, the expedition from the fort to the Yellowstone River and back in 1825, and the return of a portion of the troops to St. Louis in 1826, while the diary of Angus Lewis Langham, the expedition's secretary, describes the passage of the wheel boat Antelope from St. Louis to Fort Atkinson in early spring of 1825. This fully annotated volume also includes a discussion of the early use of the wheel boat to travel the Missouri and the expedition's financial records.

About the Author

Richard E. Jensen is a research anthropologist with the Nebraska State Historical Society. He is co-editor of "Eyewitness at Wounded Knee" (Nebraska 1992) and author of numerous articles for "Nebraska History" magazine.

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Published by Montana Historical Society Press ; Nebraska State Historical Society, 2001.  Hardback, 262 pages.