The Soldier's General: Omar Bradley and the United States Military in Peace and War by Janice A. Petterchak


The Soldier's General: Omar Bradley and the United States Military in Peace and War is the full-life biography of Missouri native Omar Nelson Bradley (1893-1981), the last five-star General of the U.S. Army. The book includes his World War II service in North Africa, Sicily, and the European theater, where he achieved international acclaim as the soldier's general. Immediately after the war, Bradley headed the Veterans Administration, implementing the 1944 G. I. Bill for returning service members. Two years later he became Army Chief of Staff and then, during the Korean War, served as the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Following a four-decade military career, Bradley spent some twenty years in the corporate world. As chairman of the Bulova Company during the Vietnam conflict, he led the firm's transformation from watch-making into one of the nation's foremost defense contractors. And, through his best-selling memoir and as adviser for the award-winning movie Patton, Bradley highly influenced the public memory of World War II.

About the Author

Janice A. Petterchak is a researcher and writer of biographies and business histories. Her publications include Lone Scout: W. D. Boyce and American Boy Scouting, Out to Sea Again: A Naval Armed Guard in World War II, and Jack Brickhouse: A Voice for All Seasons. Petterchak served as director of the Illinois State Historical Library and president of the Sangamon County (Illinois) Historical Society. She is a member of the Society of Midland Authors.

Product Specifications

Published by Legacy Press, paperback, 2014. 296 pages.