Missouri Back Road Restaurant Recipes Cookbook by Anita Musgrove


From two-lane highways and interstates, to dirt roads and quaint downtowns, every road leads to delicious food when traveling across The Show Me State. This unique cookbook serves up a well-researched and charming guide to Missouri s best back road restaurants plus favorite recipes from restaurant owners, chefs and the best cooks in the state. This is not your usual guide to high-priced, white-tablecloth restaurants. You ll find those hidden gems that most people would never discover unless they lived in these small towns. No time to travel? No problem. Each restaurant shares with you their favorite recipes. Some recipes are signature dishes, others are family favorites, but all are delicious. Here you ll enjoy terrific recipes plus a guide to Missouri s restaurants you won t want to miss while traveling the back roads of Missouri. So crank up the car and join us.

About the Author

Anita Musgrove (Brandon, MS) comes from a long line of great home cooks and grew up cooking for her family. Missouri Back Road Restaurant Recipes is the fifth book in her STATE BACK ROAD RESTAURANTS COOKBOOK SERIES and her fifth published cookbook title. This series was a natural for Anita who has always loved to travel by car along the back roads of the United States. She and her husband of 45 years logged thousands of miles traveling together eating at many locally owned restaurants. After losing him to cancer recently, she decided the best way to pay homage to that memory is to produce a series of cookbooks promoting the best back road restaurants for those who also enjoy traveling. Anita currently lives in Brandon, Mississippi, and has two children and five grandchildren. She still enjoys traveling by car with her new traveling partner, grandson Nic. She also enjoys family, cooking, and crocheting. 

Product Specifications

Published by Great American Publishers, 2016.  Paperback, 240 pages.