J.C. Nichols Company Pictograph

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Inside the lobby of the J.C. Nichols Company offices at 310 Ward Parkway, once hung a beautiful hand-drawn pictography map of the County Club District. Measuring about 9 feet by 6.5 feet, it was the center of attention for anyone visiting the offices and they waited to meet with company staff or officers.

The map was drawn by Earl Wilson Allen (1908-1961) who playfully notes on the painting “Labor on this cartograph happily ended for Ear W. Allan on Labor Day, 1930.”

Allen was an architect with the Nichols company, known for his work on homes in the County Club District and for planning and placement of rare art objects in the residential areas—a feature denoting quality and identity for the neighborhoods.

The say the Company was proud of this map is an understatement. Twice they printed it (1930 and 1979) for distribution of property owners in the Nichols districts. Available prints of the map (25”x34”)