Honeymoon Chocolate - 70% Peru + Raspberry

Honeymoon Chocolates

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This 2.2 oz. bar is a fan favorite! Honeymoon Chocolates mastered a blend of 70% Ucayali River Peruvian Cacao, added in Pure Raspberries and then Raw Honey. While the 70% Peru base boasts strong flavors of strawberries, this bar has an additional raspberry zing. Their Raspberry Bar is free of refined sugar, soy, dairy, and gluten. All packaging for this 2.2 oz. bar is compostable. Honeymoon pledges to make an annual donation with each purchase to honeybee research via The Pollinator Partnership- see the outer wrapper for more information on how to help save the bees!

About the Chocolate:

Ucayali River Cacao is a central fermentary that works with cocoa farmers along the Ucayali River outside of the Peruvian city of Pucallpa. The region has historically been afflicted with unrest from narco-trafficking and the presence of the Shining Path militant group. Ucayali River Cacao has partnered with USAID and Alianza Peru to give local farmers access to an alternate market for cocaine. Working with around 400 smallholder farmers with one to three hectares of land each, Ucayali River Cacao buys wet cacao at a premium price. They have worked with Daniel O’Doherty of Cacao Services to hone their fermenting and drying processes. There are three groups of cacao that can be found in the Ucayali region: various Trinitario clones, CCN-51 and what the locals call “comun”. The comun varieties are similar to Trinitario, lower in bitterness and astringency. Ucayali River Cacao purchases only the comun and Trinitario clone varieties. 

About Honeymoon Chocolates

Honeymoon Chocolates officially began in a dorm room kitchen when Co-Founders Cam and Haley first began making bean-to-bar craft chocolate as a hobby. Honeymoon was founded in 2016 and specializes in bean to bar craft chocolate sweetened solely with raw honey. Their first and foremost reason for making chocolate is to address the decreasing supply of cacao and decline of honeybees worldwide. Secondary to them (but just as important) is to allow their consumers to remove refined sugar from their favorite foods. A few positives in using honey compared to traditional cane sugar include a roughly 1.5 time multiple in sweetness (which decrease overall caloric content by 20 calories for a 2.5 oz. bar), a lower glycemic index, and trace amounts of beneficial enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, B vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Not only do we give a portion of our proceeds to support honeybee research, we also purchase directly from beekeepers which allows us to support apiarists. 

Honeymoon Chocolates is located in St. Louis, Missouri.