Hiding From Both Sides Memories of the Civil War era in Missouri as recorded by Harvey Hulen


Memories of the Civil War and life in northern Missouri as recalled by Harvey Hulen and published in the Centralia Missouri Fireside Guard newspaper in the years 1920-1922.

A century ago, Harvey Hulen wrote 65 historical stories for the Centralia Fireside Guard newspaper. The stories began with small-town life in Boone County, Missouri, before the Civil War. Then he wrote about his experiences as a run-away teen-age Confederate soldier. As the war neared its end and his company was defeated, some renegade soldiers he knew become criminal "bushwhackers," calling themselves Confederates. When Harvey leaned that both the bushwhackers and the Federal soldiers were trying to capture him, he escaped to a relative in Illinois where he was able to hide from both sides, hence the title of this book. After the war, Harvey became a public-school teacher, then Superintendent of Boone County schools.

This book is a careful word-for-word transcription of Harvey's own copies of his newspaper articles, interpreted by family oral history.


About the Author

Harvey Hulen was 75 when he began writing stories for the Centralia, Missouri, Fireside Guard. About 65 Fireside Guard articles were written as a continuous history of first-hand experiences covering the Civil War and a few years before and after, roughly 1855 to 1874.


Product Specifications

Published by Harvey Hulen Project, Paperback, 271 pages.