Friend and Foe Alike: A Tour Guide to Missouri's Civil War by Gregory Wolk

Missouri Civil War Heritage Foundation

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Missouri suffered more battles or engagements during the Civil War than all of the states except Virginia and Tennessee. This guide, with site descriptions, maps, biographies, and detailed point-to-point driving instructions, covered 235 of the best sites Missouri has to offer. This revised edition includes an introduction from Stuart Symington, Jr.

The only comprehensive guide to Civil War sites across Missouri, this informative and attractive package includes detailed driving instructions to take travelers from site to site across the state. While off the beaten track of most cultural tourists, Missouri is a treasure trove of Civil War history, having witnessed more battles and engagements than any other state outside of Virginia and Tennessee. Perfect for travelers to the Midwest, Civil War buffs, and historians alike, the guide will provide days of adventure exploring the battles, military campaigns, and personalities that make up Missouri’s involvement in the Civil War.

About the Author

Gregory Wolk is a lawyer and the executive director of Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation.

Product Specifications

Published by the Missouri Civil War Heritage Foundation, paperback, 2012. 272 pages. 200+ illustrations.