Empowerment: The Electrification of the Ozarks DVD


The creation, harnessing and distribution of electricity might be said to be one of mankind's greatest and most impacting achievements.  Our individual and collective everyday lives are amazingly dependent, enriched and successful because of this manufactured resource.

It's a convenience and catalyst we frequently take for little thought or awareness to its history, manufacture and impact.  It's affordable and fundamental to contemporary American life, providing light for convenience, comfort and security...powering a limitless list of appliances, machinery , and now digital devices.  It's no exaggerated or dramatic statement to say that figuratively and literally we're "in the dark" without electricity. 

The electrification of the Ozarks united us, employed and empowered us, and forever changed us.

Product Specifications

Running Time: 57:15

Produced by Missouri State University Board of Governors, 2016.